Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Congress is a great opportunity for exploring ways to protect and empower consumers

Dignatories, Hong Kong Consumer Council and Consumers International Council toast the opening of World Congress
Hong Kong Consumer Council CEO, Connie Lau, has welcomed delegates to the CI World Congress.
As we gather to welcome members of Consumers International and friends from across the globe, I want to thank you all for joining us at this wonderful event.

This is the second time that Hong Kong has hosted the CI World Congress. We are honoured to have you here at this great meeting, with representatives from more than 100 countries, and with the largest number of participants ever from China.

This is a moment not only to foster cultural understanding and partnership, it also presents a great opportunity for exploring ways to protect and empower consumer rights. In the next three days, we will talk about sustainable consumption and the green economy; consumer protection in financial services; food safety and nutrition; as well as intellectual property .

These topics on the agenda are some of the most complex challenges that will be faced by consumers in the 21st century. In our increasingly interconnected world, I believe that no countries will be left untouched by these issues.

So let us dedicate ourselves to writing the next chapter in the history of consumer right and protection, and we shall carry forward the goals with a broader vision and more proactive approach.

Once again, I wish to express our warm welcome and cordial greetings to all our distinguished guests, and I hope you will enjoy your stay in Hong Kong!

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