Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Our delegation grows as talking trees take centre stage

The latest update from CI's Ruth Golding, deep inside the Copenhagen climate talks.

The CI delegation continues to grow in numbers.

Director General, Joost Martens, joined CI and Danish Consumer Council staff on Tuesday. Also, representatives from our members in Africa and Latin America: Serge Hagbe from RACE in Cameroon and Adriana from IDEC in Brazil are now here in Copenhagen too.

Tomorrow the CI president, Samuel Ochieng from Kenya, will also join the delegation, which raises our delegation’s calibre even further as we seek to push the CI position on climate change and energy.

The CI delegation has not been the only one to grow: all of the Bella Centre (the venue for the negotiations) has seemed much busier over the past 24 hours, with a number of actions by NGOs within the centre. There was a remarkable stunt organised by activist group AVAAZ, which saw 'trees' walking around the venue, demanding a fair and binding deal. Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent picture (the one above is a used tree costume I think), but do keep an eye on our very amateurish photo uploads as we’ll try and keep adding new ones.

As for the talks themselves, it was again clear that developing countries are adamant to ensure commitments from the Kyoto Protocol are not lost, and remain legally binding. We need to increase efforts not lose years of work with a new agreement with no legal obligations. Developing countries talked about keeping the ‘good’ parts of Kyoto, which led one delegation to rightly ask ‘so what are the bad bits?’.

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