Monday, 30 November 2009

Nadim's first weeks at CI London

Nadim Berro (Rhoda Karpatkin advocate from Consumers Lebanon) talks about his first impressions of London with CI.

Well, having lived in two different capitals, Paris and Beirut. I found out that living in London is pretty much different and even if I’ve been here for only 15 days, one can quickly see that people are very friendly in general!

I came back last weekend from France with a lot of ideas about future campaigns we may monitor on Financial Services. I wrote a brief report on my meetings with UFC-Que Choisir and CLCV on subjects such as food safety and health, social media and blogging. Dispute resolution and complaint centres issues were also discussed during our meetings.

Well apart from London’s amazing architecture and creative aspect, it has always something new to offer me, from its museums to its public squares, from its various communities to its open-air markets and certainly from its English breakfast to its 5 o’clock break…

I would like to know more about how people feel after living here for several years, but what I really appreciate is that things here are always moving – public and private areas are always changing their trends and habits. This is a different way to look at issues like art, restoration and business.

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