Thursday, 26 November 2009

My 2nd week at CI London

In his second week in London at CI, Dieunedort Wandji (Rhoda Karpatkin advocate from RACE Cameroon Africa) finds words are powerful.
As the saying goes, knowledge is power! And fortunately enough, just about anybody can become very powerful nowadays, for most of humankind’s knowledge is written. So, reading is power!

The same holds true for consumer issues. After meeting several consumer specialists in Week 1, I found myself with a great deal of notes, brochures, books, magazines, paper files and links to useful websites. I created a special folder in my CI Inbox, called 'Read Again', to save important emails. Week 2 and part of Week 3 are dedicated to digging them all up. 

I read, read and read. And the more I read, the more powerful I grow as a consumer advocate.

My new reading habit made me curious about the free newspapers found in the London Underground. At first, I couldn’t understand why the morning trains were full of people eagerly reading papers they hadn’t paid a penny for.

Oh! I was wrong to think that 'since these newspapers cost nothing, the content is chicken's feet'.

No, it is worth reading the Metro or Evening Standard. It's another great way of tapping into the everyday British life. For instance, I was both shocked and amused when I read that a father of three had died of toothache. He had consistently refused to see a doctor, and instead had been 'having a few hot drinks' to heal himself. I have come across such stupid and stubborn characters in Cameroon as well!

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