Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My 1st week at CI London

Rhoda Karpatkin advocate, Dieunedort Wandji from RACE Cameroon, Africa, talks about his whirlwind first week in London and France with Consumers International.

This first week gave me the opportunity to discover Londoners, London and its much entangled tube system. And meeting the entire London staff quenched my thirst for seeing the real women and men behind the dynamics of CI, an organisation I have always looked up to.

Now, meeting them is one thing, but being part of that very staff is yet another tremendous experience. The fact that I was given my own desk (with computer and telephone) and CI email address right from Day 1 further reinforced my sense of belonging to the organisation.

I have been very happy with all that I have been able to achieve in just 5 days! Meeting with 12 people from 4 consumer organisations in the UK and France.

I had read about London before coming here, but I am still sometimes very surprised, as my readings turn out to be less than 100% accurate. For instance, I read nowhere that there were so many people kissing on the streets and trains! That’s not common in Cameroon anyway.

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