Monday, 23 November 2009

Luke at Egypt workshops

Luke Upchurch, Head of Media at CI, talks sugar prices and pyramids in Cairo.

I recently attended a two-day EC TAIEX workshop in Cairo, Egypt – a new initiative to promote consumer-group capacity building in non-European countries. It was a great couple of days, with some really enlightening input from leaders of the Egyptian consumer movement.

Efforts to establish consumer receipts as common practice, concerns over the rising price of sugar, and ideas for the numerous state-based consumer groups to form an association were discussed at length.

Together with presentations on lobbying techniques from BEUC, and institutional capacity from our member from Ireland, I was able to share CI's experience on coordinated campaigning, and lead a workshop on communications strategies for small-sized consumer organisations.

A busy couple of days. So packed in fact, that by the time I managed to get to the pyramids on the final afternoon, they had shut for the day! Six thousand years of history and I got there too late!

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