Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Greenscrubbing Award for environmental impact goes to...

Our Greenscrubbing award is concerned with the gap between the rhetoric and the reality when it comes to corporate claims about environmental credentials. This year, we've given it to Toyota.

The may make the Prius, but any claims, accurate or not, that Toyota makes about the minimal environmental impact of its vehicles are put into perspective by one of the company’s flagship marketing exercises.

Promoted globally in 2007 and 2008, including a TV series tie-in, Toyota’s Hilux Arctic Challenge involved driving a Hilux SUV to the North Pole. It was hailed as the first vehicle ever to do so. Considering the speed at which the Arctic ice sheets are melting due to climate change, it may also be the last.

No matter how much the marketing department scrubs them up to be something else, vehicles that are run on non-renewable fuels are damaging to the environment. And even with its commendable advances in fuel efficiency, Toyota flushed all its greenwashing down the sink by taking a 4x4 on a promotional tour to the North Pole.

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