Thursday, 23 October 2008

New CI Director General outlines the challenges facing the global consumer movement

A message from the new Consumers International Director General, Joost Martens, upon his arrival at CI:

"Whether it’s food prices or the financial crisis, social responsibility or corporate accountability, consumer rights are at the very heart of the big issues shaping the world’s future. Arguably, there has never been a more important time to fight for our universal consumer rights, like the right to product safety, a sustainable future, access to basic services, and the right to be fully informed about the products and services we purchase.

"Consumers International and its member organisations must continue to hold governments and corporations to account, and ensure that the consumer voice is put at the heart of decision-making. This means pushing for greater consumer protection as the economic downturn takes hold. It means taking corporations to task over the unjust and avoidable rise in food prices in many parts of the world. It means demanding sustainable access to essential services as the world’s resources face intolerable strain.

"These are fundamental consumer concerns, and many of our member organisations are working tirelessly on these at the national level. Through our international campaigning and advocacy work, CI is also fighting for fair and sustainable consumption, corporate transparency and responsibility, and access to essential services such as energy.

"I look forward to continuing this vital work, and further advancing the role and reach of the global consumer movement."


  1. Dear Joost

    A warm welcome from ANEC.

    You join the consumer movement at what some more reserved commentators call 'interesting times'. As you well note, we all need to redouble our efforts to ensure consumer protection and welfare are not put at risk in the weeks and months ahead.

    I trust we can build on the very good co-operation CI and ANEC have enjoyed in the past and I look forward to meeting you soon, in Brussels or London.

    Best wishes


    Stephen RUSSELL
    ANEC Secretary General

  2. Congratulations! A magnificent job and a marvellous team! But also a future in which you can build more and more on consumers worldwide stepping into the 21st century! Consumer education and lifelong learning are the next passwords for everyone of us to learn to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Then only then we can hope to reach a sustainable future for us all. I think!

    Peter Daub

  3. Dear Joost,
    Pauline Martin wrote me about the excelent collaboration you both have done at Oxfam .
    We are waiting your visit to Chile
    and look forward to discussing with you the consumer problems in this country.
    Best regards
    Ernesto Benado