Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Outrage over rising electricity charges

Consumers in Cameroon are reacting with frustration to rising electricity bills. RACE (Energy Consumer Associations Network) recently wrote to the Minister for Energy and Water Resources to complain about recent changes to electricity tariff structures.

Low level consumers of electricity in Cameroon pay lower rates.
According to the electricity regulatory body 10% of consumes belong to this category. However, research by RACE puts this figure more likely at 45%.

RACE is wary that rising electricity bills are benefiting the main electricity company in Cameroon,
AES-Sonel, at the expense of poorer consumers.

They point out that AES -Sonel is posting record profits at a time when consumers continue to face power cuts, extortionate connection charges and complex billing systems.

RACE also criticises the regulator for taking a unilateral decision to change prices and failing to consult key stakeholders, including consumer organisations.

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