Friday, 6 December 2013

Renewing the consumer movement in Africa

Onica Makwakwa, Head of CI's Africa Office reflects on the recent growth of the consumer movement in Africa and what this means for CI and its Members. 

This year has been dominated by news of The Rise of the African Consumer led by reports from the McKinsley Institute.

While both promising and exciting from an economic and marketing perspective, these reports have sometimes been worrisome especially when thinking about the still lacking state of consumer protection throughout Africa.

It is therefore exciting to be part of the current renewal and growth of consumer organisations in Africa as experienced through the many new and upgraded Full Members who have joined CI during this time.

The commercial focus on the African consumer means that now more than ever we must seek to protect consumers’ rights through effective sector and comprehensive consumer protection law.

Many of these organisations are on the forefront of efforts to introduce legislation for consumer protection, such as Consumer Advocacy Centre, an upgraded Full Member in Ghana who is conducting stakeholder consultations on the newly drafted consumer protection policy that will be used to draft legislation for the country.

Such renewal of the consumer movement in Africa makes this an exciting time for CI and its Members.

We hope to continue to harness the collective power of consumer organisations in the region as a formidable voice of consumers that will usher in the necessary protections for 21st century consumers in Africa.

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