Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Empower consumers by completing CI's e-learning course

CI Director General Helen McCallum outlines our new e-learning course on standards – a great way to help consumer advocates campaign for better protection. 

Our aim to develop a stronger consumer movement will be taking a major new step over the next couple of months with the launch of our first e-learning course.

Free to staff of CI Members (US$100/EUR75 to CI Supporters, US$300/EUR220 to non-members), our first course looks at how consumer groups can use, understand and influence international standards.

You can receive updates on how to register by simply emailing your contact details to e-learning@consint.org .

The course is made up of five one-hour sessions, taken over a five week period starting in early November 2013.

The seminars are conducted online via our Adobe Connect service, with an offline alternative for those with unreliable internet. This e-learning experience will give consumer advocates the knowledge and confidence to:

•    Understand what standards are and what they can do
•    Explain to others the need for consumer participation
•    Show how good standards can improve consumer goods and services
•    Find tools and resources needed to participate in standardisation use    
•    Know how to use standards to improve consumer protection.

Building on the ISO free-to-use training module ‘Consumers and Standards: Partnership for a Better World’, this course is specifically designed for those who know about national standards work, but now wish to take their knowledge to the next level. Each seminar will include a tutorial, an expert guest speaker and a QandA session.

Participants who complete the course can expect to earn a certificate, signed by CI, giving them the confidence and credibility to engage their national standard body on consumer issues within the international context.

Why is CI doing this? Well, when all else is said and done, Consumers International exists for two reasons: to campaign for consumer rights at the international level, and help develop consumer rights protection where it’s needed most.

On the first issue we are working tirelessly with our Members and Supporters in every region of the world – and with international decision-making bodies such as ISO – to stand up and demand a better deal for consumers.

On the second issue (what we at CI call Organisational Empowerment) we are putting tremendous efforts into improving consumer protection in countries and communities where it is poor or non-existent.

Together with this new e-learning initiative, we recently launched the online CI Resource Zone, a webinar programme and conducted a sustainable business model assessment of over 130 CI Member organisations.

We hope that our Standards e-learning course (together with others we have planned on campaigning, business development and communications) will help our Members and Supporters effectively serve and protect consumers.

Don’t forget to email e-learning@consint.org if you want find out how you can join the course.

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