Tuesday, 12 February 2013

One month to go until World Consumer Rights Day!

CI’s Director General Helen McCallum explains why the time is right for Consumer Justice Now!
It’s one month until 15 March - World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) – when hundreds of organisations and their supporters join together with CI to celebrate and campaign for better consumer rights. This year’s theme could hardly be more universal – we’re calling for Consumer Justice Now! across the world.

Even to the most dedicated consumer rights activist, this may seem like an insurmountable demand. But we actually find ourselves at a crossroad in the history of consumer protection – as governments around the world begin the process of agreeing changes to the UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection (UNGCP).

This is a huge undertaking that only happens every 15 years or so. The negotiations will have to tackle issues like financial consumer protection, online privacy, and energy – issues that were barely a consideration when the UNGCP was last revised in 1997.

That’s why we’re calling for Consumer Justice Now! for WCRD 2013. It’s why we will soon be releasing the findings of our global survey of consumer protection legislation.

And it’s why we have made a commitment to work on Consumer Justice and Protection until 2015 – helping our members understand and advocate for effective consumer laws, while demanding changes at the international level.

This will include being right at the heart of the UNGCP negotiations, making sure the voice of consumers and consumer organisations are heard and acted upon.

Over the next few weeks, CI and consumer rights groups around the world will be kicking off plenty of activities, analysis and awareness-raising about consumer justice and protection.

We also want to share your experiences of poor consumer laws and their impact – you can do so by sending us your stories of consumer abuse and we’ll feature them on our new WCRD map.

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