Friday, 19 October 2012

Getting African consumer groups connected

With a new Head of Office, the forthcoming global CI Council meeting in Pretoria, and plans for  new hub offices across the continent, it’s a really exciting time for the consumer rights movement in Africa, says our Director General Helen McCallum.

I’m delighted to have our new Head of CI Africa, Onica Makwakwa, with us and wanted to take this opportunity to formally welcome her to Consumers International.

I know Onica has already spoken to several members across Africa about her ideas for the future of consumer rights on the continent, and I hope many others will have the opportunity to talk with her in the near future.

One such opportunity will be as part of the CI Council’s visit to our new office in Pretoria, South Africa, in early November. The occasion will include a collaborative workshop led by Onica for council members and representatives from consumer rights groups across Africa to discuss the challenges facing the movement.

All our Africa members are welcome to attend, but if you are not able to get there, fear not; we will be tweeting, blogging and reporting on proceedings during and after the meeting.

We really want to get input and feedback from as many CI Africa members as possible; that’s why we want you to send us questions for the workshop in advance.

CI staff will feed your questions into the discussions and report back after the event on the blog and via our social media platforms – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

One of the major areas of discussion between the CI Africa Office and members is the creation of new ‘hubs’.

Outlined within our Africa strategy earlier this year, the intention is to create small member-led network points where neighbouring national members can focus their interactivity with CI and each other.

The ideas are still at the exploratory stage, but, once again, we welcome input and feedback whether you are able to attend the meetings in Pretoria or not. 

If you have thoughts on any of the above issues, we would love to hear from you, particularly before the CI Council’s visit during the week of 5 November. Please leave your comments below or email us at

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