Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Congress souvenir bag: even small purchases can have a big impact

Hong Kong newspaper The Standard has interviewed Connie Lau and revealed how even minor purchases require careful consideration when it comes to consumer reponsibility. 

Connie Lau at a Fringe Event
As one of the hosts of Consumers International World Congress 2011, the Hong Kong Consumer Council (HKCC) has been busy with preparatory tasks, ranging from working out conference themes, to selecting souvenirs for participants. Finding suitable souvenirs for the conference delegates wasn't easy, reports The Standard.

After visiting many social enterprises, HKCC Chief Executive Connie Lau finally decided upon a workshop for the mentally handicapped and its picture frames and magnetic gifts - miniature replicas of popular local snacks, such as a kai mei bun, French toast and egg tarts.Each gift is inexpensive but is handmade and unique. Even the sesame seeds on each kai mei bun is different.

The Standard emphasises the thorough consideration behind what might seem like a relatively minor purchasing decision.

Read the full article about Connie Lau and Consumers International World Congress 2011 here.

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