Thursday, 2 December 2010

Guidance on ethical consumption for Spanish speakers

Amaya Apesteguía is the Ethical Consumption Project Officer at OCU. Here she gives an insight into their recent multi-stakeholder meeting on social responsibility in supply chains, and mentions important OCU publications on the matter.

On 28 October 2010 we organized a multi-stakeholder meeting at the OCU offices in Madrid, to discuss directly with Supermarkets and NGOs (such as Oxfam and IDEAS) about the main challenges and initiatives to achieve social responsibility in the whole food supply chain, including in developing countries which produce for Spanish consumers. The meeting resulted in a very interesting dialogue between the various stakeholders, in which the important role of consumers pressurising supermarkets for responsible practices was highlighted.

Over the last six months, we have developed many activities to increase consumer awareness about food retailers’ social responsibility. We have published two articles in our main consumer's magazine OCU-Compra Maestra, about food retailers social responsibility policies, and about the CI case study on pineapple working conditions in Costa Rica.

To help consumers through the sometimes confusing array of ethical choices and decisions, we have produced a small brochure with practical guidance on how to be a responsible consumer when buying in supermarkets.

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