Monday, 7 December 2009

Rhoda Karpatkin advocates developing strategies with CI staff

Nadim Berro (Rhoda Karpatkin advocate from Consumers Lebanon) wraps up his time with CI in London.

I finally could put a face to the names I’d heard tens of times!

From the first second I arrived at CI, I felt that the consumer movement was not a myth and that consumer protection organisations can reach high targets if they have a strong desire for changing society.

Inductions with CI staff gave me a clear idea about how CI is organised, its different departments, the various issues CI is working on, who are CI’s allies and ‘enemies’, and how to develop campaigns and strategies. But also what CI’s strategy is vis a vis its member organisations. Most importantly we discussed the role and operations of CI in the globalised world we live in.

Personally I find it very enriching to work in a consumer organisation as I am in touch with new people, issues and ideas every day.

The campaign I developed was on financial services. With the CI Campaigning team and Global Member Services Officer, I worked out the objectives and potential activities that are the most adaptable to the Lebanese situation.

I certainly formed a link with UK organisations, members or not of CI, but I also was able to visit this tremendous cosmopolitan capital.

Between museums, galleries, squares, chic restaurants and pubs, you never get bored in London. Maybe once, in the morning, when you take the underground to work and see everybody almost sleeping, recovering from the night before.

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