Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pushing the consumer perspective

CI Director General, Joost Martens, blogs from Copenhagen on influencing the decision makers.

One of our key goals in Copenhagen is to get the consumer angle on the map. This means a lot of lobbying, a lot of meetings with national delegates and a lot of relationship building if we are to influence opinion and decision-making.

Participation in many official and non-official meetings and events provides essential and useful building blocks for CI’s involvement and positioning. However at events like these it's important to read the situation on the ground, and that's why we felt we also needed to make a more general statement. Something that gives our targets an overall consumer perspective.

Having already prepared a booklet, Climate Change: The Consumer Perspective, for delegates at the venue, and published our policy positions online; we're now distributing a letter to the participating Heads of State and the heads of delegation.

Drafted by Rasmus (CI Head of delegation at COP15) and myself we set out the main reasons for consumer inclusion in the debate and the actions that need to be taken. At the same time, we are requesting leadership from governments for creating the conditions to make these crucial changes possible.

We'll be distributing this letter, together with the booklet, during the course of Thursday. And we'll also use it to target wider media coverage, during the relative lull over the next few days caused by Obama’s change of plans and the expected influx of people only attending over the weekend.


  1. I'd like to read this blog in French. Can there be a translation?
    Translating with a dictionary is very long and difficult.
    Thanks for your answer.

  2. Hi Nicole.

    Unfortunately we don't have a French language blog at the moment, only English and Spanish.

    We do try to translate as much content as we can in to French, and you can sign up to receive this at