Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Production underway on CI Access to Knowledge film

CI Head of Media, Luke Upchurch on new developments in CI's work on intellectual property.

As part of CI’s Access to Knowledge (A2K) programme we are producing a short film to look at the ways in which strict copyright laws are affecting consumer rights around the world.

The film will examine the extent to which some companies are demonising consumer behaviour as they seek to hold on to and expand outdated copyright laws. It will look at arguments around the need for a renegotiation of intellectual property laws in the digital age and the roles businesses, governments and consumers are playing in this rapidly changing environment.

Filming kicked off in Paris at a recent A2k Network meeting and at the TACD Paris Accord summit. With contributions from leading figures in the field; from hip hip legend Hank Shocklee, to renowned IP activists Fred Von Lohmann and Michael Geist, the film will seek to set out the critical issues at play in the debate over the future of copyright and access to knowledge.

Release is scheduled for May 2010, so keep an eye on A2knetwork.org for further details.

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