Thursday, 17 December 2009

Obama skipping COP15? We’ll have to settle for Schwarzenegger

CI Head of Delegation at COP15, Rasmus Kjeldah, reports on the lack of progress in Copenhagen

Image by sterlingpr under Creative Commons LicenceThe climate negotiations may end up with an elephant giving birth to a mouse.

Today’s reports at the internal briefing did not inspire much optimism. Tuesday night talks between G77 and the US were on the brink of collapse as the US put sharp brackets [around the entire text], i.e. declared that there was no agreement on anything. If that is the foundation of the further negotiations between Heads of State and government, it seems like an overwhelming job. Particularly with only 48 hours left.

The Danish text that was presented on Wednesday was soon labeled ‘as full of holes as a Swiss cheese’, and it will probably not form the basis of the further work. So everybody’s anxiously waiting for another proposal.

The EU is getting in an increasingly bad mood because they are the guys who receive most of the criticism in spite of the fact that the EU has presented the most ambitious and specific bid, both in terms of reduction commitment and finance.

Negotiations are now taking place in still smaller informal groups, which makes it possible to speed up the process – of course this also means that those who don’t participate may end up blocking negotiations because they feel that they are not represented. But surely there will be a deal – most probably about postponing the solution to COP16 in Mexico.

If we don’t see solid progress very soon, the crux of the remaining negotiations will probably be to avoid being made a scapegoat for the poor results. And then it’s hard to see any reason why Obama should come.

The author of this blog was also denied access to the Bella Centre today as it was blocked by the police following widespread demonstrations . Here I got a first-hand impression of the poor police communication and of the frustrations experienced in the long queue of world citizens who have legitimate invitations to participate. But, typically Danish, at least coffee was served in the queue…

On the other hand I had the pleasure of listening to the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger (above), who at a meeting at the Copenhagen town hall accounted for his private climate adaptation: solar cell heated swimming pool, Hummer with a hybrid engine and no shower longer than five minutes for the kids. Good consumer advice which you are free to follow…

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  1. No shower longer then 5 minutes for kids... how will we get them clean then?? Would he have the same rule for adults?
    I agree with solar heated swimming pools, great idea!