Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Getting the consumer voice into policy making

A new project to engage the public in consumer policy making by the European Commission could prove a useful tool for national constituencies too.

The European project VoicE is a digital platform created to facilitate the participation of citizens in the consumer policies of the European Union.
Co-funded by the European Commission through the programme eParticipation, the initiative allows citizens to communicate with representatives in the European Parliament through the website www.voice.gva.es (Spanish) www.bw-voice.eu (German), and voice their opinions and queries on consumer topics including nutrition, energy, telecommunications and toy safety.
Information on the project is also available in English at www.give-your-voice.eu

Consumer protection is an everyday issue that affects us all. For this reason VoicE has been created to increase public knowledge about EU decision making and to allow consumers to communicate with politicians in order to influence policy. Through access to forums and letters to MEPs, citizens will instantly have an active means of participation and influence, while MEPs will explain their views on issues, contribute in forums to consumer concerns and be interviewed.

The current VoicE project is a trial version, the success of which could open the door to greater citizen participation not only consumer issues but also other European Policy areas and national parliaments.

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