Thursday, 5 June 2008

Don’t blame the fridge! Will the real energy guzzlers please step forward...

A new study by CHOICE, CI’s member organisation in Australia, found that videogame consoles, such as the X-box and Sony's Playstation 3, and plasma flat-screen TVs are major electricity guzzlers, even when left on stand-by.

They can use up to five times more energy than a medium-sized refrigerator.

CHOICE found that a Sony PS3, switched on but not in use, could cost almost $250 a year in electricity bills, whereas a fridge would cost less than $50 a year.

According to the study Sony Corp's Playstation 3, closely followed by Microsoft's Xbox 360 and plasma television sets, consumed the most power out of a list of 16 electronic devices tested, including laptops, stereo systems and DVD players.

The power hungry plasma TV set was found to consume over four times more power than a traditional analogue set. The average desktop computer was third on the list.

CHOICE spokesman, Christopher Zinn said he hoped the results of the study would be eye-opening for the public.

"While we hope no one actually leaves their games console on for a whole year 24/7, the figures are indicative of just how much electricity these small devices can chew their way through," Mr Zinn said.

The report advised consumers to switch off their electronic devices at the source, rather than just from the remote control, which puts them on power-consuming stand-by mode. "This saves on money, not to mention carbon emissions," it added.

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