Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Combat rising food prices - avoid wastage and increase food self-sufficiency

A recent article published in Konsumer - the magazine published by the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) in Malaysia - focused on avoiding food wastage through increasing food self-sufficiency.

In response to the rise in food prices Konsumer champions that Malaysia becomes self-sufficient in producing food rather than relying on imports.

It points out that organic farming methods should be promoted to avoid over dependence on expensive pesticides and that the issue of food wastage needs to be addressed.

Of the solid waste produced in Malaysia, 45% comes in the form of discarded food.

Konsumer calls on the government to take the lead in tackling the culture of waste by reducing the lavish amounts of food available to participants of official seminars, conferences and meetings.

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  1. I am in Malaysia at the moment , and can say the food wastage is flagrant here , not just ordinary people wasting food , but the industry itself with outdated and antiquated storage and transport .
    Since being in SE Asia I have seen more and more such wastage and excessive consumption.
    I can confirm that one of the major problems is education , not just classic , but social , people just don't think for temselves or observe , seems to be a problem of having authoritarian governments.